Lambert and related families

originally of Bitteswell and Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England

"Lest we forget"



      Marking the end of World War One hostilities on 11 November 1918

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      A series of smaller files have been compiled, the first for the early families down to John LAMBERT & Mary GRANGER, plus their issue. Separate files are included for their children, Sarah 1813 - 1869, William 1815 - 1848 and Ann 1817 - 1886. John junior 1811 - 1890 apparently married according to the 1851 census but no marriage record found, nor indication of any issue. Mary nee GRANGER remarried Thomas GAMBLE (after John LAMBERT senior died). Their descendants, from son Joseph GAMBLE and daughter Eliza GAMBLE are shown in the LAMBERT - GAMBLE file. Olivia was likely daughter of Sarah LAMBERT 1813 - 1869
    John LAMBERT and Mary GRANGER, ancestors and children
    Sarah LAMBERT 1813 - 1869 She married John FLINDERS
    William LAMBERT 1814 - 1848 He married Sarah HUMPHREY

Sarah HUMPHREY's 1818 - 1908 second marriage to William DYE

Ann LAMBERT 1817 - 1886 She married John EATON

Olivia LAMBERT 1833 - 1895 She married Richard NORTON 1st, then John SCOTTON

Mary LAMBERT nee GRANGER 1879 - 1859 She remarried to Thomas GAMBLE

BOSWORTH family connection


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Villages underlined in red are some of the places in the region where Lambert and related families resided pre WW2. All within a 10 mile radius of Bitteswell and Lutterworth.



My Lambert connection.

Sarah LAMBERT born 1813 at Bitteswell married John FLINDERS at Repton, Derbyshire, January 1838. They were my great, great, great, grandparents.

Most of the entries here were compiled from General Register Office indexes and referenced the census returns 1841 to 1911, plus the 1939 Register.

Births and marriages 1837 - 2005, deaths 1837 - 2007 with a few post that date. Parish register information, most pre 1840, has been used also.

Where you see a female listed a surname in brackets, e.g. Elizabeth (WHITE), this means that Elizabeth had that surname shown before she married a Lambert/other male.

If anyone is interested in collaborating in the research to fill in the many missing data then their work will be of benefit to all researchers.

Corrections and additions, which are always welcome, will appear in the regular updates I will post to this site.

Searching the data: You may need to have Adobe Reader running on your system to be able to open and read pdf files which display. If you don't see the Search function the press Ctrl and F keys together to open a search dialogue box.

Updated 17 January 2019:   All data files updated.


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